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Cache Valley Sunset

May 28th, 2010 1 comment

Photo Taken May 2010 Logan Utah by David Densley.

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May 27th, 2010 No comments

A view of the Wellsville Mountains from Benson. Photo Taken April 2009 by David Densley.

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American Robin

May 26th, 2010 No comments

Robin Sitting on Fence Post
Photo Taken May 2010 Logan Utah by David Densley. Learn more about American Robins.

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Tulips at Logan Temple

May 25th, 2010 No comments

Photo by David Densley May 2010 Logan Utah.

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Baby Skunks

May 23rd, 2010 No comments

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Western Meadowlark

May 21st, 2010 No comments

Western Meadow Lark

The Western Meadowlark (Sturnella neglecta) is a medium-sized icterid bird, about 8.5 in (21.6 cm) long. It nests on the ground in open country in western and central North America. It feeds mostly on insects, but also seeds and berries. It has distinctive calls described as watery or flute-like, which distinguish it from the closely related Eastern Meadowlark.  Source: Wikipedia The Western Meadowlark

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Spring Tulips

May 20th, 2010 2 comments

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Benson Sunset

May 18th, 2010 No comments

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